splix.io privacy policy

Your data

The splix.io servers log very basic information about every device connecting to our site. These include your IP address, but may also include all data that is sent to and received from the server, such as your username, the block color and pattern you chose and the movements you make while in game.

None of this information is associated with an identified person when it is collected, unless the user voluntarily submits information to us that can be identified with a person.

Our site uses local storage to save user preferences, including but not limited to your username and your block color.

Third party advertisers and deletion of your data

If you wish to delete, access or modify your data, please send a request to support [at] jespertheend.com.

We use Adinplay to serve ads. Although we will try to fullfill your requests. Contacting Adinplay directly might speed up the process since we will simply forward your requests to Adinplay.

For a full list of ad providers, see this document.

Age restrictions

We do not target the splix.io website or its services to users under the age of 13.

Your agreement

By using splix.io and it's services you agree with this privacy policy


We may occasionally make changes to this policy. The latest version can always be consulted via the splix.io website.